League Rules- Tball/rookie (UOVLL)

PrintLeague Rules- Tball/rookie

Tball and Rookie House League Rules

T-ball everyone bats every inning and then switch to the field, we celebrate if a team gets an out but let the kids keep running the bases, coaches/parents are on the field to help both offensive and defensive, 45 minute games

Rookie- everyone bats every inning and then switch, if you get an out the runner goes and sits down (ie doesn’t run the bases), if after 5 good pitches from the coach the batter has not hit bring out the Tee for them to hit off, 60 minutes games, coaches on the field for defense and offence has base coaches, player playing pitcher position stands behind pitching plate, soft baseballs will be used by all teams at the start of the season with the aim to begin using hard baseballs for the advanced teams by mid.

For both T-ball and rookie, there are NO on deck batters. No swinging of bats on the bench. Only the person at bat should have a bat.