The Coaches Code of Conduct (UOVLL)

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The relationship between a coach and the Leagues athlete’s is a special one. Coaches play a very critical role in the development of players, both athletically and personally. Coaches must recognize and respect the authority they hold and must be very careful not to abuse it.

The values and goals of the Little League program are channelled through the coaches. Therefore, how an athlete regards his or her time in Little League is dependent on the behaviour of the coach.

Each coach is asked to read and sign this Code, as a commitment to excellence in coaching in the Little League program in Canada.

1. Being a coach means being reasonable. Players develop at different rates.
2. Teach your players to play by the rules, just as you play by the rules.
3. Be constructive in your criticism, followed always by praise for things done right.
4. Give every player the same chance. Little League is not about the elite player, it’s about getting everyone involved as a part of a team.
5. Treat the umpire the way you expect your players to treat you. With Respect.
6. Striving to win is not a sin. Striving to win every time, at all costs, means your players are not getting enough different opportunities. Everyone should play both infield and outfield.
7. Give your voice a rest when the game is on. Use it only to encourage, and discuss the mistakes quietly after the game.
8. Have fun. You are a volunteer coach, in a volunteer organization, and if it isn’t fun, it isn’t Little League.
9. If you win, have ice cream. If you lose, have ice cream. If you treat winning and losing the same, you will teach your team a much more valuable lesson.
10. The center of attention should be the players-not the adults. A coach cannot accomplish anything if the players aren’t there.