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Overview of All Star/Travel Teams for Minor and above baseball teams

Travel team is a team that participates in tournaments or extra games with athletes selected from house league participants.  The rookie, minor and the Junior River Cats teams will be travel teams this year.

All-star is a travel team that the participants are required to play in at least 8 house league games and are registered with Little League Canada as an All-star athlete.  This team is committed to their tournaments on top of playing in district playdowns in an effort to participate in Provincial Championships and National Championships and Little League World Series.   All star teams are committed to all levels of play offs and may not drop out after winning Provincials for example.  Provincial championships and above are usually week long events.  We will be running a major, intermediate and senior all star teams.   

Intermediate level are second year major and first year junior players. Second year junior players will be able to try out for the senior all star team given that there is no junior all star team.

For District championships, Major and Intermediate are likely to have a district playdown against others in District 8 (Lanark, Perth, Mississippi Mills, Renfrew or Barry’s Bay.)  ONLY the senior team is a district team where players from other associations within our district are permitted to play.

Senior Provincials are in Pembroke July 6-10 -  Parents who are a part of this team will be expected to help with some of the planning and/or execution of the event as this will take lots of hands to make work.  Please feel free to contact Amanda Williamson to join the organizing committee.

Paperwork - To participate on an All-star team, the athletes must either live within our boundaries or go to school within them and proof will be required.  A school enrollment form is likely the easiest form to complete which must be signed off by the school principal.  Once this is complete this form will stay with the athlete unless a family move is made.  So those that completed it last season, this form is not required to be repeated.  Other forms are required and will be managed the team manager.  These must be completed promptly to ensure we are compliant.  If forms are not complete, athletes can not play in districts or provincials and beyond.

Uniforms – players provide their own grey pants (must be grey) and as a part of the All-star/Travel fee socks, hats, belts (can decline this if already owned from last season) and undershirts are given to each player and the League will provide a vest jersey which is to be returned at the end of the season. 

There will be an opportunity to purchase additional River Cats merchandise including shorts, hoodies warm up jackets and potentially other items as well to be determined.

Practice-  Each team will be given at least one practice a week for this team and when possible additional practices may be added as per the coach and field availability. These practices can be anywhere within our UOVLL boundaries

Exhibition games are being organized by the team’s coaches

Cost – Each age group will have a starting cost of $100.  This will cover costs associated with Uniforms, tryouts, exhibition games and practices.   Each groups Tournament costs will be in addition to this and will be split amongst participating players evenly.  This cost will be different for each age group due to the number of tournaments each age is participating in and costs associated for entry fees.  This will be given to the athletes by the coaching staff as soon as this number is determined.

Minor Team  -  HC  Mark Williamson,  Assistant – Dustin Lauzon and Shawn Bergeron

Major Team – HC  Brent Gould and Bobby Keefe

Intermediate – HC  Mike Palango and Andrew Phelan

Junior and Senior– HC Kevin Chiasson and Andrew Chubak






Tuesday May 16 6:00-8:00pm – Valour school gym

Wednesday May 17 6-8pm – Stafford park

Wednesday May 24- 6-8 Stafford Park



June 3-4 Ottawa West

July 8-9 Cornwall

August 4-6- Kanata Scott Tokessy Tournament




Monday May 15 6-8pm Stafford park

Thursday May 18 6-8pm Stafford Park

Monday May 22- 6-8pm Cobden diamond



June 3-4 Ottawa West

June 23-25- Kingston

July 2-6- District 8 Playdowns (if necessary)

July 20-27- Ontario Provincials in Ottawa West

August 4-6- Kanata Scott Tokessy Tournament

August 18-20 – UOVLL tournament




Thursday May 18 6-8pm Cobden diamond

Friday May 19 6-8pm Stafford park

Wednesday May 24- 6-8pm Riverside diamond 4



July 28-July 30- Cornwall tournament




Monday May 15 6-8pm Cobden diamond

Monday May 22 6-8pm Mohn’s diamond



June 2-4- Cornwall

August 4-6- Kanata Scott Tokessy Tournament




Tuesday May 16 6-8pm Cobden diamond (back up for rain is Valour school 8-9:30)

Friday May 19 6-8pm Mohn’s diamond

Wednesday May 24 8-10pm - Riverside diamond #4



July 6-10 Provincials- Pembroke